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Hatko Cow Mattress are designed for both fatling and dairy cattle in farm and village barns in order to create advantage for usage and to lower the labor factor


Rubber Mats for Cows
Rubber Cow Mats-manufacturer


Rubber Cow Mat Manufacturer

What is the foot-mouth disease in the animal (1)It is necessary to create an environment that allows the health and welfare of cows. Living in a hygienic environment, which prevents health problems and is pleasant to work with, ensures both the pleasure of the animals and the healthy production of its products.

There is a Big Share Of Cow Mattress In The Increase Of Milk Production Of Cows!

The smallest detail is required to increase the milk production of cows. If cows live in an unhealthy environment, they get stressed and their productivity decreases. If your cows' milk productivity decreases, you will lose income and suffer losses. Therefore, we need to create an environment where cows will experience less stress and less fatigue.

It is important to control the health of the animals on the farm as well as to own the farm. The better we provide the comfort of the animals on the farm, the better we get from the animals. Because animals, like humans, want to feel psychologically good. You receive less yield from a cow cared for in a dirty environment than a cow cared for in a clean and healthy environment. Cow mattresses are also produced to provide this comfort to cows. At Hatko cow mattress, we have been producing the best and highest quality products for livestock for many years.

Proper care of each cow improves the performance of the whole group of animals. You create an animal-friendly environment with ideal barn designs that focus on cows. As a result, animals have the right to live in a healthy and clean environment like humans. In this way, the people who get income from animals can get more yield by gaining more.

With Hatko cow beddings

  • Your cows live in a healthier and cleaner environment.
  • Thanks to its soft texture, cows do not hurt when lying down.
  • It prevents cows from being damaged by keeping their nipples high above the ground.
  • It can be used for many years with quality materials used in production.
  • It is also very easy to clean and cows can be cleaned quickly without disturbing.
  • Cow beds are air-cushioned, making the joints and knees of the cows more comfortable.

Because the cows are heavy, their legs may hurt when they go to bed. But with Hatko Rubber cow bedding, your cows can sleep comfortably in flexible and comfortable beds and prevent too much strain on their feet. In this way, your cows' feet become more resistant.

And all of these expected comforts are produced with the lowest possible workload and cost of work. You can devote all your attention to the health of your cows in an efficient environment while working efficiently and in an animal-friendly and pleasant working environment. This not only improves the health of your mats but also leads to better productivity and lower costs. It will be in your best interest to create an ideal stable for your cows and your well-being. By working together with Hatko you can create a better environment for your cows and you. For more information, please contact us.

Hatko is one of the best cow mats manufacturers in Turkey.

Our dairy cow mats are manufactured by our expert team members. And we are using the latest technology for the cows' comfort. Also, our rubber cow mats have an anti-slip feature. For that reason, the injury risk of your cows is decreasing. And we are using rubber materials the increasing our cow stables quality.

Because we are doing our job with love. At Hatko Cow Bedding we also care about your cows, calves, and horses. For a healthy life, comfort, and milk efficiency. The animals deserve life in better places. Also, we are giving you the best service before and after cow mat selling. You can reach us and ask your question all day and all hours of the week.

Our rubber stable mats prices changes according to the size and dimensions you need. If you are in contact with us we can give detailed information to you.

Of course, you can get a more affordable price from the other manufacturers. But firstly you should think about the quality and long lifetime. We are using the best quality rubber materials you need. Because we are thinking about your investment and cost. It should be worth it. At Hatko Cow bedding we absolutely satisfy your needs with the best affordable price.

Out animal, the mat has … year warranty. There is no other company in this industry that gives this much guarantee for their stables.

If you have a dairy cow you should think about their comfort. The animal mat increases dairy cows' milk yield. It means the efficiency of cows increases when you used rubber cow mats. Since rubber cow beds are comfortable, your cows will not suffer joint pain and their legs will be healthier.

The color of the rubber stable mat is generally black but it can be changed upon your request.

  1. Can you export your cow mats?

We can export our cow mats all over the world. Our delivery network is so large. We can send our products in the fastest way.

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