Hatko Cow Mats are designed for both fatling and dairy cattle in farm and village barns in order to create advantage for usage and to lower the labor factor

Cow Mats are ideal to avoid lower sperm quality in fatling cattle, which arise as a result of catching cold in animals, by isolating them from wet and cold floor. Also, Cow Mats are good for avoiding deformation of breast in dairy cattle which arise as a result of cold weather as well as formation of mastisis (breast suppuration). It was observed that dairy cattle, which become free of germs and away from cold weather by usage of animal bed, gave out more milk. Hatko Cow Mattress were totally produced in factory of Hatko and animal health was prioritized during production process. As a result of laboratory tests, stiffness of the floor were adjusted to optimum level and fraction of roof was avoided.

By the help of customized duct design of Hatko Cow Mats, localization of animal dirt and bug infestation around or under the bed was avoided. As a result of mass studies by Hatko Research and Development engineers, innovative drainage system and special air ducts aimed to provide comfort and hygiene for animals.

It is probable that these products, with increased number of usage in Turkey, may become one of prequisite equipment under the Standards for Animal Welfare in EU. 


HSB-1 Cow Mat
Rubber Mats for Cows








Hatko has DLG(Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft) certificate.


Cow mats are rubber flooring products for laying under the cows. Cow mats purposes to have a better flooring condition for cows to rest more in farms. Most of new generation farms uses cow mats under their cows.  Purpose of cow mat is to increase milk production, easy maintenance and clean farms.

The environmental conditions surrounding the cattle have an important effect on the characteristics of the animal such as its movements, shape, and time (Dickinson et al., 2000). Natural movement of an animal requires the application of an anti-gravity force of amount varying depending on the floor structure of the ground in a manner capable of carrying and moving their bodies forward-backward-upward-downward (Bienvener, 2003). The condition of the legs is very important effect in this subject (Nicket et al, 1986). The betterment of the floor on which the animals lie down, rest, and wander around is the most important title among the searches of application improving the animal resting places. However, regardless of the cow mattress type, it is expected to have basically certain characteristics listed below.

  1. Durability
  2. Workforce reduction and easy to spread and remove 4- Antislip characteristic
  3. Water and fertilizer proof
  4. Antibacterial environment
  5. Non-absorbent and without very large pores
  6. Stretching and hard impact preventing buffer characteristic
  7. Cold and heat protective, heat loss increasing capability in the hot regions if possible 10- Non-stretching and 
non-deformability after the usage, for example.
  8. In addition to all these characteristics, the level of usage by the cows to be used is important rather than the 
decisions of the producers in the selection of the cow mattress to be used.

Cow mats are used in cubicals, walking ways and rest areas in dairy farms.

There is a University Test below for Hatko Cow Mattresses which explains the benefits and importance of cow mats.


Cow mattress manufactured by HATKO on the milk yield and cow welfare in the milk cows that are kept in free barns, free-stop barns and individual sections. Results obtained from in all three trials are generally summarized in the below table.

Table 28. Summary of the results obtained in all three trials

Milk yield %7,42 to %17,42 more
Animals resting on cow mattress Resting longer
Number of animals in the feeding area %25,35 more
Step distance Long and comfortable steps
Cow cleanness grade More clean cows
Knee lesions Not seen
Mastitis Not seen
Lameness Not seen

When the observation characteristics of the behaviors of the trial groups underlined under free barn conditi- ons are examined, it has been established that ani- mals eating feed were observed to be 14.09 in the cow mattress group, 11,24 in the control group, and animals lying on cow mattress were established to be 14,13 and in the control group to be 13,65. In the analysis condu- cted with these data, the differences among the groups have been established to be statistically insignificant (P>0.05).

In the second trial regarding the effect of the use of cow mattress under free-stop barn conditions, when the animals’ behaviors are observed, those resting inside were observed for 2.93 times in the cow mattress group and 4.19 times in the control group. Outside resting was observed that for 5.93 times in the cow mattress group and 11.53 times in the control group. Behavior

of inside standing was observed for 0.69 times in the cow mattress group, 1.6 times in the control group, and outside standing was observed for 27.77 in the cow mattress group and 37.30 times in the control group.
In the chi-square analysis conducted with these data obtained, the relationship between behaviors of inside resting and inside standing was found to be statistical- ly insignificant (P>0.05). The relationship between two groups was found to be statistically significant (P<0.05) in the analyses conducted for outside resting and outsi- de standing behaviors.

In the third trial regarding the effect of the use of cow mattress in the individual section barn on the res- ting period, when the animals’ resting periods in the cow mattress and control groups are considered, it is

understood that the group provided with cow mattress rests less times, but for longer times in each resting time.
Generally, it has been established that the step distance and resting periods that are the indicators of the cows’ comfort are longer (better) on the floors where Hatko cow mattress is used. In the trials, it has been estab- lished that there is no difference with respect to knee lesions and that they are generally in the grade 1 group.

It has been established that the groups in the trial groups started at the similar milk yield levels, but that there are differences in favor of Hatko cow mattress groups at the end of the trials. It has been understo- od that the group where Hatko cow mattress is used realized 7.42% higher in the free barn compared to the control group; 17,42% higher under free-stop barn conditions and 16,98% higher in the individual section barns. Differences among the groups have been es- tablished to be statistically insignificant as well. While the differences among the groups with respect to milk yield were established to be statistically significant, the differences between daily feed consumptions were not established to be statistically significant. When the mastitis test made in weekly intervals, lameness and cow cleanness grades during the trials are analyzed, it has been established that the differences among the groups are statistically insignificant in all three trials as a result of the chi-square analysis.

As a result, use of Hatko cow mattress is understood to be advantageous with respect to milk yield, mastitis, foot health, knee lesions and resting preferences and walking comfort, in all three barn types.

How can I increase my cows milk production?

It was produced in accordance with IPARD project of TKDK by Ministry of Agriculture which supported by EU. Hatko Cow Mattress Manufacturer