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Hatko Cow Mats is one of the leading companies in the cow mat manufacturers sector. With many years of experience, we offer you cow mats produced from rubber material with reasonable prices. Hatko Cow Mat will not harm your budget. You will also be able to use it for many years without wearing. Yo can use Cow Stall Mats to improve your cow’s productivity and efficiency.
Cow Mat Manufacturers


Dairy Cow Mat Manufacturers

  • Rubber is a flexible and durable material.
  • It is not a slippery surface so your animals will not have the danger of falling.
  • Very easy to clean. In this way, your animals will not catch germs.
  • Especially necessary for your pregnant cow.
  • Your pregnant cow should lie in a clean and firm bed and wait for her birth.

Rubber stall mats can be used as cow mats and horse mats.

Cows are creatures that we use from meat and milk. Daily care of cows, especially in the villages, needs a stable. Cows fed in the stable should consume as much as one-forty of their weight. Cows eating alfalfa and grass in meadows and pastures should be fed regularly. Freshwater needs should be met and more careful during pregnancy. Cows are not suitable for feeding at home. Therefore, it feeds in the barn under or near the house and grazes in areas with plenty of greenery. The hygiene of the cow stables where cows are cared for is also very important. If we want to raise our animals in a hygienic barn, we can be comfortable using cow mats.

The most important issue in cow care is the correct cleaning of the cows. If your farm is small in diameter, it is easier to clean. But if the stall which you grow cows is large and the number of cows is too high, the cleaning time is extended. As the cleaning time increases, you will be able to spend less time on the farm cows. This will not be good for the health of your animals. Cow mats are manufactured to facilitate farm cleaning. Dairy cow mats are very easy to use. For example;

  • It is made of rubber material and is easy to clean.
  • Rubber is dirt-repellent. So it would be very practical to do the cleaning.
  • Rubber is quality and long-lasting material.
  • You can reduce the labor rate with cow bedding.

Hatko Dairy Cow Mats are produced to offer you a more beautiful farm. You can contact us for your questions by reviewing our quality cow mats at affordable prices on our website. The stall mats' cost changes according to your stall size.

At this point, you need to work with companies where you can buy cow beds at affordable prices. Cow mat online prices are put on the market in a way that does not harm your budget.

Dimensions and Weight of the Single Animal Mat

We produce our single animal mats in 5 different models that are listed below. For more detailed information about our products, please contact us.

Singel Animal Mat Width (cm) Length (cm) Thickness (mm) Min. Weight (kg) Max. Weight (kg)
Model 1 120 200 30 65 70
Model 2 110 190 22 25 30
Model 3 110 190 25 28 32
Model 4 120 190 22 28 32
Model 5 120 190 25 30 35

The animals need to survive in a healthier environment. As Hatko Cow Mats, we are one of the leading companies in the cow mat manufacturers with years of experience. We serve you by relying on the work we do and the quality of our work.

Hatko Cow Mats;

  • ideal to avoid lower sperm quality in fatling cattle, which arise as a result of catching a cold in animals, by isolating them from the wet and cold floor.
  • Also, Cow bedding is good for avoiding deformation of the breast in dairy cattle which arises as a result of cold weather as well as the formation of mastitis (breast suppuration).
  • It was observed that dairy cattle, which become free of germs and away from cold weather by the usage of animal bedding, gave out more milk.
  • Hatko Dairy Cow Mats was totally produced in the factory of Hatko and animal health was prioritized during the production process.
  • As a result of laboratory tests, the stiffness of the floor was adjusted to an optimum level and a fraction of the roof was avoided.

You can choose Hatko Sport with peace of mind. Because we used the quality rubber material for manufacturing stable mats.

  • The rubber material is very easy to clean and due to its structure, it is dirt-repellent.
  • Easy to clean, saves you time.
  • With the ease of cleaning, your cows will live in a more sterile environment.
  • In this way, you can take care of your cows more and do daily maintenance routines without interrupting.
  • Very useful for the breasts of cows.

You can contact us to learn information about the rubber cow mat's latest price.

  • Rubber cow mats are very easy to clean.

Cow Stables are very quickly contaminated areas. So we have to keep the animals' natural habitats clean. Because our animals should not be infected. Infection occurs in animals with a large decrease in productivity. If the productivity of the animal decreases, the owner of the animal also suffers damage. the easiest way to prevent this is rubber cow mats. Thanks to these easy-to-wash mats, your barn will stay clean and your animals will not get infected.

  • Because the rubber material is flexible, cows do not harm their feet while lying down.

Because cows are large animals, the weight of their bodies can damage their feet. This is why cow bedding needs to be soft and durable. The rubber material is a very useful material for cow beds. Thanks to these beds, cows do not lick health problems and can sleep easily.

Rubber stable mats are produced by Hatko Cow Mat Manufacturers and are very durable material. Animal matting produced using the quality and flexibility of rubber material is very beneficial for animal health.

Of course, We can export our cow stable mats all over the world. Our delivery network is so large. We can send our products in the fastest way. If you are looking for cow mats near me and rubber cow mats for sale you can contact us.

We need to take good care of animals in all circumstances. Because the animals are entrusted to us and you need to care for them adequately without harming them. This is also the case for cows. Cows should be taken care of especially during pregnancy. After the cow is born, care should continue beautifully. Today we will share information about cows' care before and after birth. The average pregnancy period of cows varies between 270 and 280 days. The last 2 months of pregnancy are especially important for pregnant cows. Cows that need to be fed very well in the last two months can give birth to healthy offspring.

In the same way, milking should be stopped after the birth of the cows is close. This is important for the health of cows. The feeding and care of dairy cows is a very important issue. Because the barn owners earn income from dairy cows and the capital of this business is cows.

Particular attention should be paid to feeding cows. Because if you overfeed your cow, the eggs of the cows are lubricated. Pregnant women whose eggs are lubricated have difficulty in getting pregnant for the second time. The longer this process is, the more harmful it is for the animal owner. In the same way, if we lower the opposite situation, that is, insufficient feeding of cows, this time, the digestion and fertility of cows is reduced. This decrease also has negative effects on milk yield. If the milk yield decreases, the cow owners will suffer damage. No animal owner wants to be harmed. That's why they need to care for their animals correctly.

So the cow beds protect your animals from all diseases. Cow bedding is important for cows for that reason.

The color of the rubber stable mat is generally black but it can be changed upon your request.

  • Can you export your cow mats?

We can export our cow mats all over the world. Our delivery network is so large. We can send our products in the fastest way.

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