Rubber Animal Mats

Rubber Animal Mats produced for different animals such as cows, horses and calves for protect from their diseases. It is called as cow mats, rubber horse stable mats and calf hutches acoording to their shape and design. The dimensions can be changes according to their sizes.
rubber animal mats


Rubber Animal Mats Manufacturer

If we want to lead a healthy life, everyone should know that we should eat with natural products. Feeding with healthy and natural products helps to create healthy generations while at the same time helping us live a life intertwined with nature.

Today, it is increasingly difficult to find natural and hormone-free food. Due to changing climatic conditions and weather conditions, the natural balance of animals has deteriorated and productivity has decreased compared to the past. Therefore, we need to make an extra effort to increase the productivity of cows. There is a big share of cow mats in the increases of milk production of cows. So the farm owner should buy rubber animal mats for the make profit.

  • This extra effort is an effort you only need to do once.
  • Because rubber bearings can be used for at least 10 years.
  • Thanks to the quality materials used in its construction, it will never wear out easily.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Does not accumulate dirt. Dust free.

It is difficult to know how reliable the animal foods we buy are, so we need to buy our products from the places we trust. Companies that do their job well in the food and animal husbandry sector, where trust and natural products are important at every stage, from the production style to the food consumed by the fattening animal before production is of great importance. As Hatko Cow Mats, we produce rubber animal mats for fattening farms so that your animals can survive in a healthier and sterile environment. You can choose Hatko Rubber Mats if you want to increase your productivity by raising your animals in a healthier and cleaner environment.

Rubber animal mats;

  • Quality
  • Durable
  • Robust
  • Has an aesthetic appearence
  • Anti-slipper material

Your cows, horses and calf will be safe in this rubber animal mats.

We recommend using rubber stable mats to make your farm and dairy cows better and more modern. As Hatko Cow Mats, we have nearly 30 years of experience in the farming sector. Our company is always working for 100% customer satisfaction. We are always behind the quality of our own production cow mats and we work harder every day to offer you better products.

Of course you can fing more appropriate prices from the other brands. But cow mat prices should be determined according to their quality. We have high quality stable mats with cheap cow mat prices.

Use Hatko Cow Mats to Improve Cows' Productivity!

As cleaning takes a very long time, you will need more labor. But thanks to Hatko dairy cow mats, your supply of labor will be reduced. Because it is easy to clean and can be easily cleaned with fewer people. You can do this with less expense.

The nail care of cows is perhaps the most important issue. Because neglected nails limit milk and meat yields by restricting walking activities of animals. Cows should be nail-groomed once or twice a year. This will prevent many health problems.

Use Cow Beds to Improve Cows' Productivity!

In general, rubber horse mats and cow mats are most useful wherever animals spend a long time, such as stables and benches, barn corridors, and washing areas. Some rubber animal mats are portable and can be easily packaged and taken to the place where the animals lie. Many users use bearings for vehicles and trailers to make transporting animals safer and more comfortable.

With Hatko Cow Mats your animal will be in safe and secure.

Our rubber stable mats prices changes according to size and dimensions you need.

It's up to you. It is related with your farm and barn or stable size.

If you are contact with us we can give detailed information to you.

Of course you can get more cheap cow mat prices from the other manufacturers. But firstly you should think about the quality and long life time. We are using the best quality rubber materials as you need. Because we are thinking about your investment and cost. It should be worth it. As Hatko Cow Bedding we absolute satisfy your needs with the best affordable price.

Rubber matting rolls for stables prepared şn beautiful way to reach you.

Out animal mat has 10 year warranty. There is no other company in this industry gives this much quarantee for their stables.

Rubber flooring for stables is appropriate for healty cows.

You should get rubber animal mats for your animal's health. Because of these mats, animals can live in a clean environment without any disease. Animals always deserve to live in the best conditions. So if you are a rancher and do you have a barn, do not buy cow mat, rubber horse mats , calf hutch.

We can manufacture our stable mats in black color but it can be changes upon your request.

  1. Can you export your cow mats ?

We can export our dairy cow mats to all over the world. Our delivery network is so large. We can send our products with the fastest way.

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