Rubber Horse Mats

Rubber is the most common and popular material for horse mats. Because as we know rubber is quite durable and robust. Because of the robustness it is does not wear, even when used under heavy weight. Rubber horse stall mats can be produced in various shapes and sizes, from light, locked tiles to large rolls. Dimensions vary entirely depending on your wish and the size of your farm.
Rubber Horse Mats


Horse Stall Mats Manufacturer

Horse stall mats are a product produced to ensure that horses spend their lives in a clean and hygienic environment. These products, which are used to cover the stables, protect horses from cold, microbes, and diseases.

Horse stall mats are very important in terms of animal health and cleanliness. As Hatko Cow Mats, we strive to provide a more comfortable life for the animals on your farm.

We are always working for 100% customer satisfaction, our company has many references. You can increase the efficiency of your animals by using animal matting. You can get more efficiency from your horses.

Rubber mats are very useful for horses. Because the place where the horses lie should be comfortable and soft. The Foot and leg health of horses is especially important. For runner horses, the ground should be chosen well.

Rubber horse mats are therefore specially produced for horses. They protect the horses from the cold ground in winter and prevent them from getting sick. In this way, your horses will be healthy and vigorous. Furthermore, thanks to the rubber's anti-slip structure, horses are never lost on the ground. So rubber mats are good for horses. You can increase the productivity of horses using horse beds.

Horse stall mats are produced using rubber material. The most important reason for using rubber material is its durability and usefulness. Rubber;

  • Flexible
  • Tough
  • Does not form puddles.
  • Non-Slippery floor
  • Does not hold dirt.
  • Easy to clean.

Especially the ease of cleaning has increased the use of rubber in horse beds. Horse breeders can spend more time cleaning the horses, and they can raise more healthy and strong horses.

Also, rubber mats can be produced for cows as cow mats.

If you are a farm owner, taking care of your animals is very important. Because the healthier the animals, the higher the yield you receive from them. There are small costs for maintenance.

Rubber is a very durable and high-quality material. Therefore, horse stall mat's costs vary according to the thickness of rubber bearings. As the thickness increases, it increases in cost and price. So you can contact us and get more detailed information about this subject.

We can decide how many rubber mats you need depending on the size of the stables you raise your horses. That is, this is determined by the square meter you want to use.

Barn laying is an important factor to consider when planning perfect conditions for horses. Horse stall mats make a greater difference in health and safety than many people realize. Although there are many outside options, rubber horse stall mats are an ideal flooring option for horse care.

The rubber material is used in many fields today. It is a flexible material that resembles rubber. It is also very durable. Because rubber material is both elastic and robust, it is used in many sectors. For example, rubber is used in car tires. A car's tire must be both flexible and durable. Therefore, it is highly preferred in the automotive sector. Another important sector in which rubber is used is the livestock sector.  Rubber Horse Stall Mats are producing for this. The best stall for horses is rubber horse mats.

  1. First of all, the size of the barn where the rubber horse bed will be made is taken.
  2. Then this area is cleaned beautifully.
  3. The surface is made smooth.
  4. The rubber mats are then laid on the floor.

In its simplest terms, the installation of rubber horse mats is like this. Changes in installation details depend on your floor. Your floor may be concrete, wood, or gravel. The ground is arranged according to the situation and after a smooth ground is obtained, the horse mats are laid on the ground. Besides the horse stall mats can be interlocking.

Rubber horse stall mats do not smell. Because rubber is an easy to clean material. Since it can be cleaned easily, it does not accumulate dirt and germs on it, thus it does not smell. If you want your stables to smell cleaner and better, you should choose rubber horse beds.

Rubber animal beds are easy to clean. Thanks to its ease to clean, you will not need much labor and you will be saved from extra costs. This is very important for a farm. Instead of paying for water for cleaning, you can do more useful things for the animals on your farm. Hence pet beds will be a very profitable investment for you and your farm.

Rubber horse stall bedding is an intelligent alternative to concrete, asphalt, and other hard floor surfaces because they are much more comfortable and supportive.

Horse stall mats are designed for both fatling and daily horse care in farm and village barns to create an advantage for usage and to lower the labor factor.

With the help of customized stall mats design of Hatko, localization of animal dirt and bug infestation around or under the bed was avoided. As a result of mass studies by Hatko Research and Development engineers, innovative drainage systems and special air ducts aimed to provide comfort and hygiene for animals.

It is probable that these products, with an increased number of users in Turkey, may become one of the prerequisite equipment under the Standards for Animal Welfare in the EU. It was produced by the IPARD project of TKDK by the Ministry of Agriculture which is supported by the EU.

  • How thick should horse stall mats be?

The thickness of the horse barn beds is standard ¾ inches. However, thicker or thinner horse mats can be produced upon your request. (For example; ½ inch rubber stall mats)

Besides; Horse stall mats for home gym products can be produced. You can find the cheapest horse-tall mats from Hatko Mats.

Horses are known as animals most close to humans. It is an animal that listens to the owner's words and is friendly to the owner. So having a horse will be a fun and beneficial experience for you. We can do basic horse care in different ways. For example, if you want to race your horse or just feed it as a pet, of course, they will have different care.

The most important point to know here is that animals are entrusted to us and we need to take good care of them. Therefore, what I want to tell you is that having an animal will bring some responsibilities. Having a horse means devoting itself to that animal in the long run.

Horse Care Charts

  • Daily clean water should be prepared for horses.
  • It should be fed regularly.
  • Use weatherproof horse mats for protection against bad weather conditions.
  • It is necessary to brush horses daily. This makes the horses feel more peaceful.

As Hatko, we need to introduce rubber animal matting to you. Because the most important point of the care of an animal is to offer him quality and healthy life. Animals that deserve quality and healthy life should be well cared for especially in their stable. Rubber animal beds are used in stables and are good for the joints of animals, protect them from cold weather and prevent the formation of bacteria is a multi-purpose bed.

As a horse owner, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that your horse is provided with the basic requirements for keeping your horse healthy and happy. Basic requirements include adequate and quality feed, water, shelter, accommodation, health care, veterinary treatment in case of any illness.

How Do You Protect Your Horses From Diseases?

The easiest way to protect your horses from disease is rubber horse mats. Rubber mats are durable and the durable structure offers them the healthy barn life your horses deserve. Because rubber beds are easy to clean products. Due to its structure, rubber bearings do not hold dirt and thus easy to clean. There will be no bacterial growth in the easily cleaned beds.

In this way, your horses will not be easily ill. You should also choose rubber beds if you do not want your horses to feel cold and sick in their stables in winter. Because rubber horse beds cut the connection of your horses to the ground and protect your horses from the cold of concrete when lying down. As you can see, thanks to the rubber horse mat your horses will be protected from many diseases and will be more efficient for you.

Rubber Horse mats;

  • Your legs must be healthy, especially if your horse is racing.
  • The leg muscles of racehorses must be very durable.
  • Horses are animals with a high weight and when they lie down, their legs remain under their body.
  • Joint pain may occur over time in overweight legs.
  • If your horses suffer from joint pain, their efficiency is reduced and they lose.

We do not believe that any horse owner will risk this. Therefore, our best advice to them is to ensure the efficiency of horses by taking rubber horse mats.

Another important issue is the pregnancy process of horses. Horses have a pregnancy period of approximately 11 to 12 months. At the end of this process, healthy foals should be born. Because the colt to be born can also be your healthy racehorse.

This is why you should take very careful care, especially when the horses are pregnant. As mentioned above, you should prevent it from becoming ill, especially by protecting it from cold. The leg pain of the pregnant horse will increase as the cub grows. The only thing you can do to prevent this, as we said, are rubber horse beds.

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