Culf Hutch

Hatko Calf Hutch are produced considering calves comfort and happiness, While they are babies. Calf Hutch are designed in the shape of oval corners to ensure easy cleaning and show no dirt during use. Durable and long-lasting Hatko Calf Hutch protect your calves from external factors that might occur in your business. You can provide your farm with profıts thanks to our calf hutch. With Halko Calf Hutch, Your calves are happier in their own Hutch.


Calf Hutch Manufacturer

The calves needs a shelter because they should be protected from diseases and cold weather. The most important place for animal breeders is the stable. Culf hutch is an important protector from the animal diseases.

  • Calves does not be sick in the rubber culf hutch.
  • Calf hutch has a roof.
  • In cold weather it is a good alternative.
  • Calf hutches has an advantage for growing healty calves.

TechnicaI Specifications of Calf Hutches

Made from 100% polyethylene material

  • HUTCH Width: 130 cm
  • HUTCH Height: 120 cm
  • HUTCH Length: 170 cm
  • Calf hutch Fences Width: 140 cm
  • Fence Height: 90 cm

you can find cheap calf hutches from us. With their quality..

Calf hutches are a requirement for calves to be raised in a healthier environment. Here the calves are cared for in a separate area. It is specially produced to prevent calves from catching diseases and infections from other animals. Our calf hutch is known as super calf hutch because of the advantages.

As you know, stables are very important for animal health. So the stables should be kept clean. And the stables should be made of durable materials. Because of the durableness of rubber material the calf hutches floor manufactured from rubber material. Hatko manufactures rubber animal matting for your stables to be cleaner and more durable. Stables also produced for as cow mats and rubber horse mats. If you want to grow healthier animals and you want to have a more beautiful barn, you can contact Hatko Cow Mats.

The calf hutch dimensions can be changes according to your request and offer. Bu in general;

130 cm with, 120 cm height, 170 cm lenght they has. also the fence with is 140 cm and fence height 90 cm.

This space is enough for calf comfort.

If the size of calf hutch is changes the calf hutch prices changes.

The best calf hutches for calves is produced from rubber material. Because rubber is a

  • quality
  • durable
  • flexible
  • anti-slippery
  • smooth surface


When a calf is first born, it should drink approximately one-tenth of its own milk per day. 40 pounds of calf should drink 4 pounds of milk per day. By giving milk 2 or 3 times a day, these 4 kilos should be completed.

I think you're asking if the calves drink water. One month old calves can start drinking water. The important point here is that the water supplied must be clean and hygienic.

A few weeks after the birth, the calves may begin to eat. The feeds to be given to calves should be determined by veterinarians and given to animals in that way. This will be healthier.

As you can see, care of calves is a bit of a challenge. However, if the animal breeders perform these procedures correctly, they will raise quite healthy cows. Hatko Cow Mats is responsible for providing hygienic and clean environment for your cows. Animal bedding is for that.  You can contact us to provide a healthier living space for your animals and to raise more productive cows with cow mat and culf hutch.

The culf hutch prices changes according to their dimensions and sizes. If you want to get more information about prices of culf hutch you can contact us.

Culf hutches, cow mats, and rubber horse mats is a ecofriendly product. Your labor cost or water fee is decreases when using this animal bedding. So you should use for making more profitable investment.

As we mentioned above the culf hutches made from rubber. And rubber material has so many advantages.

  • Rubber is a flexible and durable material.
  • It is not a slippery surface so your animals will not have the danger of falling.
  • Very easy to clean. In this way, your animals will not catch germs.
  • Especially necessary for your pregnant cow.
  • Your pregnant cow should lie in a clean and firm bed and wait for her birth.

for these reasons you should buy culf hutches.

All the above-mentioned productivity symptoms are due to the breeding of cows in a healthy and clean environment. That's why culf hutch are produced. Animal matting are a very profitable investment for the ranch owners who values ​​you. That's why you can contact Hatko Cow Mats to raise healthy animals.


The color of our stable mats is black but ıt can be changes upon your request and offer.

Please contact us for more information about healty cows, horses and calves.

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Eveything for happy animals!

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